Scrooge McDuck Tops Forbes Fictional Rich List

Real-life tycoons Donald Trump and Roman Abramovich grace the pages of Luxist frequently for their lavish spending habits like buying up golf courses and dropping $52K on lunch in New York City, but when it comes to covering the wealthy why limit ourselves to flesh and blood?

Some of the word's richest characters are fictional, and although the spending (or scrooging, as the case may be) isn't real it's just as entertaining.

Forbes has released their 2011 Fictional 15, a list of the wealthiest fictional characters in the world. Their net worth averages $9.86 billion (up a whopping 20 percent from last year) and each was calculated based on source material, real life commodity and share price movements, and a healthy dose of "this is just for fun."

So who tops the list? Scrooge McDuck, of course, with his penny-pinching ways and investments in "hoardables" earning him a fictional net worth of $44.1 billion.

Other interesting list members include: No. 2 Carlisle Cullen of the Twilight series, rich in part due to solid banking habits and and early investments into Wal-Mart and Google, and No. 7 the red-golden dragon "Smaug" from "The Hobbit" who hoards his riches meticulously but spends little, preferring instead to use his gold and gems as bedding material.


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